river song meme→ Seven Episodes
↳[4/7] 6.08 Let’s Kill Hitler

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dark starter sentences some yandere, some angst, some rivalry, but no happy stuff on this list
"You actually thought i cared about you?"
"I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?"
"You're a monster!"
"It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours."
"You're all mine now."
"How could you do this to me!?"
"I trusted you!"
"Is that supposed to scare me?"
"Put the knife down."
"You're scaring me..."
"You look so sexy when you're all bloodied and bruised like that~"
"I wonder how many volts it would take to kill you?"
"Why are you pointing that gun at me?"
"Let me go!"
"You're so cute when you struggle like that~"
"Your blood smells wonderful."
"Who did this to you?"
"You're in my way."
"I thought you were dead!"
"Help me!"
"Long live the king."
"What did they do to you?"
"What have you done?"
"Maybe i should carve a pretty picture in your flesh?"
"Don't worry, I won't do anything fatal, I just need some information."
"I don't care what you do to me, I'll never tell you!"
"Stop it, your hurting me!"
"They'll kill you!"
"I hate you."
"The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!"
"If you keep struggling like that I'll have to punish you~"

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favorite scene per episode: season four

4.09 - forest of the dead

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She is so much older.

Her features are softer, her flirtatiousness abated. All that sass and fire kept neatly behind her professorial title. And she lets him lead. She lets his younger self swoop in and out of deductions and only guides him when he can’t seem to see through his emotions. There’s no teasing or presentation, there’s just her hand to hold. A hand that no longer keeps a sonic blaster but his sonic screwdriver. This isn’t the wild River that baits Sontarans, she’s the Professor that slips her husband a note with a kiss before going to work. She’s so familiar and intimate and that’s why this moment kills me, because she’s giving it all up. She knows that whatever happens today will write their entire story - and without even blinking, she still lets him choose. 

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If Peter Capaldi had been in the Pandorica by JohannesVIII

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He used the last of his regeneration energy to heal her wrist. if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 

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A flirtatious murder attempt. 

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